With Shipmondo's free shipping plugin for Magento, you will, among other things, be able to offer your customers the possibility choosing a preferred pickup point, during their check out on your webshop.

Read more about the shipping module here.

System requirements

  • Magento version 1.9
  • jQuery version 1.9.1 or newer
  • Tested with OneStepCheckout

Supported pickup points (carrier/country)

  • Bring (DK, NO, FI, SE)
  • DAO365 (DK)
  • GLS (DK, SE)
  • PostNord (DK, SE, NO, FI, AT, BE, LT, EE, NL, DE, LU, LV, FR)

How to install the shipping module

1. Download Shipmondo's Magento 1.9 shipping module by clicking here (Shipping module version 2.0.2 ).

2. Log in to your Magento admin and go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.

3. Under Direct package file upload click Choose File and choose the file, you downloaded in step 1.

Click on Upload.

Click on Refresh in the bottom of the page. pakkelabels_shipping now lies under Manage Existing Extensions.

4. Click on Return to Admin.

5. Log in to your Shipmondo account here.
Go to Settings > API.
Under Shipping module access, click on Generate key and copy the key that was just generated.

6. Go back to your Magento admin and choose System > Configuration from the top menu. Find Configuration under PAKKELABELS.DK in the left menu, and insert the key from step 5 into Shipping Module Key.
Then click on Save Config.

7. Follow this guide to create a free Google API Key. 

This Google API Key is used for showing the map in the shipping module.
After you've created your Google API Key, you have to save the key for the next step.

8. Go back to your Magento admin and choose System and Configuration trom the top menu. Choose Configuration under PAKKELABELS.DK in the left menu and insert the key from step 5 into Google Map API Key. 

Save the settings by clicking on Save Config.

9. Now it is possible to enable/activate the new shipments methods by going to System > Configuration > Shipping Method.
Remember to hit the Save Config button before moving on to the next step (before you click on Handle shipping rates).

10. Click on Handle shipping rate under System > Configuration > Shipping Method, or go to the top menu Pakkelabels.dk > Handle shipping rates to set op the shipping methods you would like to offer your customers.

Click on Create new.

Find examples for the setting up the Pakkelabels.dk shipping module for Magento 1.9 here.

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