You can create users for your employees from your main Shipmondo account, where you can decide which rights and features the user will have access to.

This way you can create users for employees that perform different tasks e.g. your accountant, customer service, warehouse employee etc.

How to invite an employee

Log in to your Shipmondo account and go to Settings > Team.

Click on the Plus-button (+) in the lower right corner to create a new user.

Name the user, select the system language and enter his/her e-mail address.
Adjust permissions according to the staff member's role in the company. 

Click on Invite.

Once you click on Invite, an e-mail will be sent to your staff member and you will be able to see this invitation yourself under Staff invitations.

Once your staff member has clicks on the link, he/she can complete the user creation process and pick a password.

All active users can be seen under Staff accounts.

How to edit or delete a user

To edit or delete a user, go to Settings > Team, and click on a user name under Staff accounts.
Edit permissions and click on Save to update user permissions, or click on Delete to remove a user.

Printer setup

Every user on a Shipmondo account is able to add their own printer.

Multiple packing tables

Multiple warehouse employees will be able to process shipments and print labels independently by setting up their own labelprinters.

Click here to find a guide on how to set up a printer.

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